Dental Implantologists and TMJ Specialists


Golden State X-Ray not only provides regular printed cross-sectional views of the Region of Interest (ROI) images of the maxillary and/or mandible, but we also include lingual/buccal or palatal/buccal one-page reports of the ROI. These additional views greatly enhance your ability to diagnose your patients’ dental needs more accurately. Generating all these images plus the CDs takes time – sometimes as much as two hours on the computer! Let us do the work for you! Your valuable time is better utilized with diagnosis and treatment, not dental imaging.

The X-Ray Technicians also explain to your patients that the specific reasons you send them to Golden State X-Ray are to reduce the radiation and also the cost, compared to traditional medical CT. The X-Ray Techs also explain the value you receive from viewing their anatomical structures in 3D versus regular dental images.

Often, patients are reluctant to ask you any questions for fear that they may offend you. After our explanation of the dental imaging procedures, they are assured that they made the correct choice in picking you for their dental implant or TMJ needs.

Please call (818) 506-6861 and ask for Eric Iwamoto to answer any additional questions or concerns regarding dental imaging. Mr. Iwamoto is the President of Golden State X-Ray and has been providing value and quality dental imaging for the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley for over 35 years. Experience counts!