Important Information


The X-Ray Technicians at Golden State X-Ray are specially trained to provide advanced, quality, digital dental imaging in a relaxed and professional environment. To make the entire process effortless, please follow the suggestions outlined below:

Dress Comfortably

While all our equipment and imaging protocols are designed with maximum patient comfort, you may be sitting in a special chair or lying on a table to provide the ideal position for optimal imaging. Wearing comfortable clothing will make the process easier.

Leave the Metal at Home

You’ll need to remove all jewelry and metal objects around the head (earrings, piercings, barrettes, bobby pins, gauges, retainers, etc.) that may interfere with the final images. In the event any items are non-removable, the X-ray Technicians will evaluate if the objects are in the region of interest. The imaging process will continue if the non-removable items will not cause interference. In the rare cases where the non-removable objects may potentially cause a degradation of the images, you may need to be re-scheduled.

Brush Your Teeth

This is especially important if any dental photography is requested by your doctor. Often, orthodontic imaging includes dental photography of the face and teeth. In the event your appointment with Golden State X-Ray is right after a meal, we have disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste available.

Inform Us of Any Special Needs

Unfortunately, our building does not have an elevator, and we are located on the second floor, requiring the use of either the front or back stairs. In the event walking upstairs is not feasible, please call us so we can refer you to a different facility that can accommodate your needs.

HIPAA Website Disclaimer

Please know that email communication via our website may not be done through a secure platform. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include in your submission can be intercepted and read by parties other than the intended recipient. To protect your confidential information, please do not include personal identifying information such as your birthday or personal medical information in any emails or website submissions you send to us.