Doctor Referral

Thank you for referring your patients to our facility. At Golden State X-Ray, we are committed to providing the highest quality diagnostic imaging to dental professionals.

We are a full-service imaging center offering a broad range of services using modern technology, from digital panoramic x-rays to the state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT imaging system.

What to Expect at the Imaging Appointment

Only the patient and X-Ray Technician are allowed in the room. If the patient is a child, we ask the parents to sit in an adjacent room where they can view (from a safe distance) all of the dental imaging procedures requested. That way, the parents will realize the value and time necessary to provide the highest quality imaging that we can possibly provide. They can visualize and hear with their own ears that we treat their children with the same professional attitude and courtesy offered at the dental office.

After a X-Ray Technician completes the dental imaging, the cephalometric profile will be shown to the patient on the computer monitor, and then we display an actual tracing analysis. We also explain how the dental office utilizes the diagnostic tracing (using statistics) for treatment. We will inform the patient that they may need to return to the office for additional X-rays, as needed.

Golden State X-Ray utilizes Dolphin Imaging software for seamless integration with your Dolphin management system through Please contact us for more information.