NewTom VGi Cone Beam

  • NewTom-VGiImplants and Oral Surgery
    Precise cross-sectional slices of the mandible and maxilla can be generated with exact anatomical information, depending on the region of interest. These small Field Of View (FOV) images allow you to more accurately select implant type, size, location and angulation prior to dental implant surgery for a more successful outcome.
  • TMJ Diagnosis
    The medium FOV three-dimensional images of the condyles and surrounding structures assist to analyze bone morphology, joint space and function for accurate diagnostics.
  • Orthodontics
    The large FOV multiple perspectives and orthogonal truth offered by a full-height CBVT allows you to accurately assess anatomical relationships and integrate that information into customized treatment plans for more successful results. The full-height scan can also be used to generate a panoramic image, cephalometric profile, PA skull, TMJ views, etc.
  • NewTom Free Viewing Software
    The NNT advantages:
    • NNT allows the user to select from among various "application modes" based on their specific professional needs.
    • NewTom images are compatible with most major third-party software programs on the market.
    • The new module dedicated to implant preparation allows the specialist to accurately determine the most suitable type of implant to be inserted, as well as its precise positioning.
    • The software features a vast library of implant models in order to facilitate the simulation of the surgical procedure. It is even possible to create a custom implant mode.